Jonathan MacLeod is a seasoned director and producer, expert in staging, lighting and multi-media. Working in feature film and television has put Jonathan at the forefront of large-scale international projects, fuelling his current focus on corporate and public events. Continuing the family legacy of global initiatives, he seeks ways to redefine what is possible with every project. With his extensive experience in overseeing client relations and crews, Jonathan has developed an efficient and approachable management style, unique in the industry.



D.F. Hopkins is a conceptualist, innovator, and artistic advisor working locally and internationally to support community building through her unique vision of Celebrations. She has earned the reputation, both in the corporate and public sector, as one of Vancouver's most exciting and successful event strategists, now in growing demand worldwide. D.F. Hopkins has presented and produced work for television, special events, government organizations, and large-scale festivals. She brings a rich tapestry of technical and creative expertise together to produce impeccable results for her clients.

We work with the best visual creators and event specialists with decades of cumulative experience to work closely with our client-partners to ensure that the overall experience of creating an event – be it a celebration, a conference, a venue opening or a festival – is non-stressful and enjoyable for all concerned. Every event, no matter how large or how small, involves a myriad of details, and our professionals are proud to be able to assure our client-partners that everything is in good hands – detailed planning, staging and lighting, audio visual, décor, performance and overall production management.


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