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Creating a successful event is challenging, from the inital thought and vision, to developing the look and feel, then engaging production to work with suppliers while  managing licensing, permits, entertainment and food.


All of these details need to be identified and reviewed, especially in consideration of new and future protocols and restrictions for handling food and beverages.  Anigraph can guide you through every step of the creative and production process.  

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The Anigraph Productions team has much to share from years of experience and we are happy to offer consulting services on creative and production processes.  We can provide advice to those who are new to the event development process and support to those who may have experience yet might find the implementation too time consuming or difficult to navigate.

We understand the labyrinth of bureaucracies that are involved and can help you avoid costly mistakes by creating “to do” and contact lists, setting priorities and timelines for agencies that require applications and identifying timelines for specific tasks. Enquire about our reasonable fees for new-comers to the exciting world of event-planning.  Execution and delivery of professional results are essential ingredients to ensuring your events run smoothly and you meet strict timelines and set and keep realistic budgets.

Experienced producers might welcome support in getting clearances and dealing with the myriad of time-consuming demands from municipal and provincial bureaucracies. The Anigraph Team can provide the needed guidance.  

Whatever your need, it starts with a simple phone call or email.  We are here to work with you from refining an initial vision and setting event goals to defining production and coordination needs, freeing you to focus on the creative look, feel and meaning of the project.

​​If  you decide we can help you create an event or celebration, just reach out for a CHAT.

Contact at the start and avoid disappointment at the end.

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