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As BC communities emerge from months of being shut-down/shut-in by COVID-19, many looking for ways to celebrate their freedom are seeking ways to create and engage in celebratory moments. If this describes you and/or groups and organizations you are part of, but you don’t know where or how to begin, we can help. Or you may already have begun, but now are realizing that creating a meaningful event just isn’t all that simple.

To create a successful event too many details can turn what should be a joyous experience into a nightmare! Licenses, permits, health and safety regulations (especially in light of COVID-19), food and beverage permissions, parking restrictions, knowing where to find the right office and who to negotiate with once  you find that office ~ on and on it goes. It takes a lot of patience  and a lot of time ~ time that would  be better invested in creative preparation of the actual event.

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After years of witnessing (and sometimes experiencing) barriers, missed deadlines and the like, while dealing with and irritating officials and bureaucracies that seem to have a finger in pretty well every component and at every stage of putting together a successful event, we at Anigraph Productions Limited believe we have much to share, and are now offering paid consulting services to help "noobies" and the experienced as well.

We understand the labyrinth of bureaucracies that are involved and actually know many of the players, so we can help you avoid mistakes, create “to do” and contact lists and set priorities and timelines for agencies that require applications, identify timelines for specific tasks and orders of preference, etc.

This service can help newcomers to the exciting world of event planning and execution, deliver more professional results for your clients, help keep things running more smoothly and let you sleep better.

Even experienced producers might welcome some help in getting clearances and dealing with the myriad of time-consuming demands from municipal and provincial bureaucracies. 

For those new to the industry TALK TO US. There is no obligation. A chat may help you avoid wasting time, frustration – even disaster! Let us help you free avoid the mental anguish that can drive you to distraction, so you can focus on the creative and technical aspects of your project.

​​If  you decide we can help you create a more exciting, more effective event, costs can be tailored to suit your needs and your budget and with no on-going commitment required.

Contact at the start and avoid disappointment at the end.

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