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Anigraph Productions Limited has had the privilege of working with a variety of client-partners on events of all sizes. Below is a sample of our most recent projects. Click the image for each project to go to the project gallery.

Richmond Maritime Festival

2011 - present

Since 2011 Anigraph Productions has worked with the City of Richmond to produce the Richmond Maritime Festival at the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site in Richmond, B.C. This event incorporates a variety of activities with historical aspects related to this unique site. 


From 2011 to 2019 ,led by their Festival Director, D.F. Hopkins, Anigraph Productions animated the grounds, using the buildings, docks and open spaces to create a unique and mesmerizing experience for all ages. Musical and other wandering performers, hands-on activities for all ages, and food vendors offered a variety of delicious treats made this annual event a family favourite.

RMF 2020 and 2021 were very different experiences; COVID-19 demanded a re-think of the event and Anigraph Productions was up to the challenge creating a virtual festival for online participation. Riki the Wharf Rat and Lulu the Mermaid  introduced musicians, dancers, craftspeople and story tellers and interacted with them to the delight of audiences young and old. Some felt that the pandemic forced a more intimate opportunity for the City of Richmond to look inwards and discover more of its true character and new talents. What lies ahead remains to be seen once the pandemic has moved on. The city and Anigraph are committed to making each year's festival another to remember.


Italian Day on the Drive

Italian Day on The Drive - a vibrant cultural street festival celebrating Italian culture, heritage and community. The event included over 120 street participants, comprised of partners, vendors, community organizations – and an estimated 300,000 attendees of all ages and cultures. From 2015-2017 Anigraph Productions helped the Italian Festival Society increase street participation, improve the immense challenge of crowd flow by redesigning the street layout, and overall improve the site safety. The company continued to provide support to  reduced festive activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Anigraph Productions has maintained a strong creative relationship with Vancity, playing a key part in many of Vancity's community and employee events over the years. Anigraph assists with the design, and overall production of many Vancity conferences and events. From community events like Indo-Canadian Nights, Vaisakhi Days and Members Day at the PNE to Celebration of Community branch openings to the Vancity Leadership Awards and other Vancity employee recognition events, the Anigraph team has been proud to join with a variety of incredible staff and clients through a productive partnership with Vancity.  

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