How do you want to engage your community? How do you want your event to add to the people you serve?

For the client the choice of partner to help translate vision and purpose into reality is critical. We help our client-partners articulate their vision - whether they have no experience with events or a lot. The process begins with consultations with our Creative Team, led by noted conceptualist and creative architect D.F. Hopkins, the paramount Artistic Director in Western Canada. She is a visionary who works locally and internationally to support community-building and igniting innovative collaborations for both the corporate and community sectors. She and her associates take the time necessary to assist clients in articulating their vision. The creative team then sets to work to sculpt the vision into a significant, meaningful, and engaging experience for all participants.  No matter the size, every community event should be magical.

Simultaneously, Jonathan MacLeod and our Production Team set to work to handle the logistics, working with the venue(s), suppliers, technical professionals and appropriate performers to secure the best value for the highest quality services and products, while seamlessly integrating the artistic and practical elements to ensure a successful event.

In addition to our core team, Anigraph has a strong record of working closely with producers, suppliers and talent to create experiences that fulfill the highest aspirations of our client-partners. If required, specialty lighting is designed and implemented. Entertainment talent is chosen carefully to match the demographics and tastes of the expected audiences. Throughout the process the primary consideration of the entire Anigraph team is to engage with the client-partner to the fullest extent possible to ensure that the total experience results in the anticipated results for everyone. 

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